Blinx fox

size: 22x22mm

Item-No: blinx24   EAN: 4028046050465

    This variant is actual not available

    Welcome to Blinx - a brand new eyewear accessory for children (and adults too) who wear glasses. Blinx are jewelry charms made from tested 3D soft rubber. Blinx can be easily slip onto the temples of the glasses so that you can change the style of glasses as often as you like to suit your mood or clothing! The Blinx fit over 85% of all temples. For particularly wide temples (over 11mm) there is also a suitable rubber band with which the Blinx can also be fixed onto wide temples. Even if the Blinx are not toys but jewelery, they are all tested according to the strict EN71 standard for toys.
    Note that Blinx are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.