Printed cleaning cloths

The cleaning cloth as an image carrier



The classic cleaning cloth. Inexpensive, robust and made of 100% cotton. Ideally suited for large advertising campaigns or simply as inexpensive dispensing cloths. Thanks to its absorbency, the material is particularly suitable for cleaning and for use with anti-fogging agents.

 Photo printing

In contrast to conventional pad printing or screen printing, our printing technology ensures that the ink sits in the fiber and not on the fiber. This prevents the risk of micro-scratches caused by ink particles on the glass.

Microfiber Standard

The microfiber raw material is produced in Korea in an environmentally friendly way. By printing in Germany, we can guarantee the use of environmentally friendly colors. With 80% microfiber and 20% polyamide, the cloths ensure excellent cleaning without scratching.

Well cleaned simply advertises better!

With well-cleaned glasses, people will remember you fondly.
Use our high-quality cleaning cloths as an ideal and inexpensive advertising medium that attracts attention! 

Also ideal for cleaning tablets, cell phone displays and camera lenses!

It's that easy to order!
A free sample design in just a few steps!

Step 1

Choose between Microfiber Standard with a grammage of 250g/m² or Tricot (100% cotton)

and the desired fabric color. You are welcome to combine different fabric colors within one order at no extra charge.

Step 2

Choose your desired size & quantity from 500 pieces for photo digital or monochrome printing.

10x15cm / 12x17cm / 14x18cm / 18x18cm Special sizes on request!

Step 3

Send us your logo, photo or individual design by e-mail or let our graphic designer make you a suggestion for your sample design.

With digital printing, the possibilities are almost

Step 4

You will receive a PDF sample design by e-mail, which can be modified as desired and free of charge.

Printing will not be started until you have given your approval.

Step 5

Depending on the order situation, you will usually receive your printed cleaning cloths just 6 weeks after approval.

Do you have any questions?
Please write to us and we will reply shortly.