Our company history

Partner of opticians

Two worlds connected

Already in the 18th century, the family was active in the jewelry business. After the reconstruction in the years after 1950, Karlheinz Hotstegs completed an apprenticeship as an optician in addition to his goldsmith and watchmaking apprenticeship.
His wife Ursula Hotstegs was also enthusiastic about his idea of combining jewellery and optics even more closely. In 1964, the trained decorator founded the industrial and wholesale company for jewellery processing on spectacle frames and the production of spectacle chains.

The way to the top

International success 

The initial offer consisted of high-quality spectacle chains, lorgnettes and decorative magnifiers. This range was consistently expanded more and more in the following years. The focus was on particularly innovative and qualitatively outstanding products.

With appearances at the international trade fairs in Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Dubai and Las Vegas, many customers outside Germany also became aware of the sophisticated products "Made in Germany".

More than 3000 foreign customers, many distributions and partners in more than 60 countries are still the sign of the international presence of our company.

Change and tradition

New ways

With the early death of the founder and namesake Ursula Hotstegs in 1989, Stefan Hotstegs the eldest son joined the company as a new shareholder and managing director, which now operated under the name Ursula Hotstegs GmbH.​

The company continued to expand and moved several times to new and larger company buildings. In the 70s, the first spectacle frames were repaired; the nucleus of the HSC optician service had emerged.

Strong know-how and technical equipment at the highest level led to a rapid rise in this area. In 1980, the service company was therefore spun off under the management of Holger Hotstegs.​

The HSC was born and developed into the leading service provider for opticians, jewellers and watchmakers in retail and industry.

After the death of Karlheinz Hotstegs, Petra Hotstegs his daughter also joins Ursula Hotstegs GmbH. The tradition of the family company, which sees itself as a partner of the optician, is thus continued.​