Cocoons feature professional grade scratch-resistant Polaré® polarised lenses. Polarised lenses reduce eyestrain by cutting glare, allowing your eyes to remain relaxed and focused on the task at hand. The elimination of glare provides a tranquil “cocoon” for your eyes, improving visual acuity and enhancing depth perception. Polaré lenses and side shields are also optically correct, precisely regulated to match in light transmission, color, and performance characteristics. We engineer our glasses so that there is zero vision distortion for the wearer—only protection.

Our proprietary Polaré lens system delivers optical-grade visual acuity and durability unmatched by any other fitover sunglasses. Polaré lenses filter out 100% of damaging UVA & UVB to provide the maximum level of protection from damaging ultraviolet light waves.


Relax Your Eyes, Focus on the Task

Lightwaves reflected from horizontal surfaces produce harsh, penetrating glare that can greatly distort and hinder visual acuity. Polarised lenses act as a chemical “venetian blind” that eliminates blinding glare by neutralising the reflected light before it reaches the eyes. The Polaré lens system delivers maximum polarisation efficiency to enhance visual performance while allowing the eyes to remain relaxed and focused.


Reflected surface glare is especially intense on and around water and snow due to the highly reflective properties of these natural elements. The reflected light levels encountered in snow conditions are so intense that they can result in Photokeratitis, more commonly known as snow blindness, which is a burn of the cornea. However, polarised lenses with UV400 protection neutralise harmful ultraviolet rays and eliminate the blinding glare encountered in these environments. Polaré polarised lenses featuring metallic mirror finishes maximize the polarisation efficiency of the lenses and deliver a peak level of visual acuity in these conditions.


Glare encountered while driving can be exceptionally dangerous as it reduces visibility and recognition of roadway obstacles, other vehicles, and pedestrians. Additionally, excess eye strain caused by squinting can reduce alertness. Cocoons fitover sunglasses featuring 100% polarised lenses in amber and copper tints enhance contrast and sharpen visual acuity while eliminating blinding glare.


Sporadic weather conditions (clear to moderate cloud cover) call for lens tints that effectively decrease light intensity while enhancing contrast and depth perception.


Long sunny days with intense light levels and blinding, reflected surface glare require darker tints and mirrored lens finishes to provide maximum eye comfort and visual performance.


As daylight hours and sunlight intensity begin to decline from summer, contrast-enhancing lenses that feature moderate tints will maximize visual performance and comfort.


Low, flat light (overcast conditions) require high light transmission tints that “brighten” your view while increasing contrast. Activities with intense surface glare call for dark tints with mirror finishes.