Who can order ?
Uoptik is selling only to retail and wholseller companies. There is no selling to private consumers. If you are interested in some of our products, we can inform you about your nearest dealer.

Please check out on the main menu the register-option. Please fill in all your company detail. If you are already a customer of us, please fill in also you customer number to speed up the registering process. We will verify you details and might contact you for further details, to avoid registering of non buisness accounts. Regular you will get within 48 hours an email with your new account login.

How do you ship my order ?
Shipping will be offered after review of your order in case you get to shipping costs shown during checkout.

Can I use my own forwarder ?
Yes, of cause. Please let is know your wished by email or by phone.

Is there a minimum order value ?  
No, we ship even small orders.

Can I track my shipment ? 
Pending on the shipping way we will provide you by email with all tracking details.

Can I order products for evaluation ?? 
If you want to evaluate products and return them after evaluation, please send your request by email, fax or phone.

Do you offer special prices for higher volumes ?
Since we are are B2B (buisness to buisness) supplier and manufacturer, we might can negotiaten in case of higher volumes other prices. You can send us your request by email , fax or phone. 

 I have seen a product for a better prices ?  ? 
 If see the identical product for a better price, do not hesitate to contact us

How can I pay my order ?
We need to verify your order after checkout. For export customers we requirer prepayment. We will send you after checkout a proforma invoice including all negoted rebates and shipping costs. Pending on the value we offer you different way of payment like wire, paypal, creditcard.

Can you bill also in another currency ?  
Regular we bill only in EUR, since our labour costs and most of our raw materials are based on Euro. In special case we can also bill in another currency. Please contact us, if you require another currency.

Guarantee and service

What kind of guarantee will I get on the products ?  
We want to satisfy our customers. Beside our gurantees which are on some products longer than 10 years, we will offer you always a good solution in any case of problem.

How can I return products ?
In case of any problem, please contact us by email or phone. We will find out the best way to solve the matter.

Can you offer individual changes on products ? 
Yes, many of our products are produced by UOPTIK. We can offer all kind of changes on products. This could be length, color, packing etc. Please contact us for your special requests by email or phone.